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“An Exemplary Businesswoman”

“An exemplary Businesswoman” 

Hazrat Khadija R.A al-Tahira.

-A self-established woman:

Hazrat Khadija R. A, was born to a father who was a successful merchant in Mekha. Being the indomitable lady she was, hazrat Khadijah r.a inherited those skills from her father, at the time when the world was rooted with male dominance and was extremely dangerous for independent women. After her father died, she (R.A) took over the business and started trading from Makha  to Syria and to Yemen to earn her living.
Not just an ordinary businesswoman, but her business was way larger than that of the other Quresh  traders. She (R.A) earned repute with fair dealing of goods, which led her to earn the titles of Ameerat-Quresh  (“Princess of Quresh”) and al-Tahira (“The Pure One”). She ( R.A) knew her boundaries and she had her worth, do one ever dared to cast an evil eye on her due to stellar reputation.

Worldly wealth for poor’s benefits:

Hazrat Khadijah r.a distributed her wealth and earnings among those who truly deserved them. She (R.A) helped widows, sick people, orphans and help poor girls with their mandatory dowry. Hazrat Khadijah bint Khuwaylid is one of the most inspiring figures in the history of mankind and her resilience, courage, bravery, honesty, loyalty, love for Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H , honesty with the religion and mankind will be remembered forever.
◦As a righteous women we should follow her footsteps
◦To lead an exemplary life

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