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Disaster Relief Activities

In times of need, Working Women Welfare Trust contributes to disaster relief activities and establish support centers in tent cities.



WWWT’s has a SDSC [skill development and support centre] for VICTIMS [women] of natural calamity or disaster.

Its responsibilities are the following which are provided to women in the relief camps;

  • Need based skills training provision.
  • Access to modern trends in skill training.
  • Providing income generating opportunities.
  • Access to markets for the display and sale of their finished products .
  • Psychologically motivating and boosting the morale of women in distress by providing work and source of income as well as moral support.
  • Earth quake victims of 2005, flood affected families in 2010, internally displaced people of Swat in 2009, others hit by rains and other calamities have been successfully helped in the relief camps by SDSC.

Our SDSC helped a number of women in Mansehra and northern areas affected by 2005 earth quake and flood victims in Sindh, sewing machines were gifted to the trainees.