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Hunar Vocational Training Centre (HVTC Project)

Poverty Alleviation Program Through Training  and  Sharing


Project  Goal

Project aims to provide opportunities to women to increase their level of skills and knowledge; learning  new tools and polishing their skills which would enable them to seek  employment successfully and achieve self reliance so that they can sustain themselves and their families and improve their quality of life.

 Objectives of the HVTC

  • Meet demands of the female unskilled  population, skilled &professional for career development and creating livelihood opportunities for sustainable development of women resource
  • Feed economy with qualified and competent female workforce
  • Capacity building and specific training for skill development
  • Empowerment through income generating opportunities, operating for self-employment, self reliance and entrepreneurship
  • Enable contribution towards productive and prosperous communities supporting community by human resource mobilization
  • Give awareness on social, economic and health issues
  • Give education on religious, moral and ethical values
  • Provide a secure environment to develop economic skills


  • Short Certificate courses of Computer, Tailoring, English language, Art and Craft, Embroidery
  • Short courses during summer vacations
  • Income generating training workshops
  • Health and social awareness lectures
  • Career guidance workshops for girls
  • Pre-job counseling sessions for girls

Project Background

Surjani Town is in the neighborhoods of Gadap Town in Karachi. The population mostly belongs to lower and lower middle class which is estimated about one million and includes all type of ethnic groups. Gulshan- e-Bilal is one of the localities where a number of housing schemes are situated. There is no institution and facility for vocational training and development. This town is situated far away from the center of the city,means of transportation is mostly chinchi rikshwas. In this scenario HUNAR Vocational Training Center would Insha ALLAH provide a good and preferable opportunity for female residents specially in the current law and order situation. This center would be proved a good facility for development of women resource of low income group.

Monthly Budget:

The monthly budget of Hunar Vocational Training Center is Rs. 35000 per month. This includes providing with all the essential equipment to girls and women seeking to increase their skills to widen the possibilities of their financial future.