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Village Embroidery Project (VEP)

Village Embroidery Project of WWW Trust is under Poverty Alleviation Program which is working for the welfare of illiterate but skilled women of Pakistan who have extra-ordinary art in their hand.


To provide respectable earning opportunity at the door step of skilled/unskilled women of Pakistan and discourage begging and habit of living on charity.


Pursue and facilitate women who are uneducated but have skill of arts and crafts, to use their talents for earning and improving their living conditions.


The WWWT aims;
1. To provide an earning opportunity to these village women at their door step;
2. To provide training and guideline to develop their skills and to give the touch of modern fashion and design to their work;
3. To protect these women from exploitation of middle man;
4. To market their product;
5. To give awareness about basics of health and hygiene;
6. To educate them about basics of civil and social responsibilities;

It is only with the help of Allah that about 250 (two hundred and fifty) women from interior Sindh and suburbs of Karachi benefited by our project and improved living conditions by supporting their families and educating their children. Alhamdulillah, a remarkable change is taking place in the families of women attached with this project.

Under this Project a team of three or four persons from Head Office visits the sites, eight to ten times in a year. At nine places listed here under, material is provided, order is placed, previous month’s work is collected and wages are distributed to number of workers whom work is given on and off;

  1. Moro-Kandyaro     2. Sukker-Bada Ghomro        3. Sukker-Frash        4. Sukker-Saba        5. Larkana City            6. Larkana Goth         7. Shikarpure City          8. Shikarpur Goth-jamra            9.   Qamber


As this trust is a non profitable organization, it depends on the financial support of generous individuals and organizations for continuation and expansion of its work and for this noble cause.

We look forward for your kind financial support for this project’s expansion and also facilitation for our efforts to inter into international market.


The monthly budget of Village Embroidery Project is Rs. 25000.

Every few months, skilled women of Sindh are being visited and provided with financial aid as well as working opportunities on their door steps to ensure their stability. The material used in the handicraft is provided by the trust to further facilitate those women.