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Annual Reports 2018-2019

Annual Report

“An Exemplary Businesswoman”

“An exemplary Businesswoman”  Hazrat Khadija R.A al-Tahira. -A self-established woman: Hazrat Khadija R. A, was born to a father who was a successful merchant in Mekha. Being the indomitable lady she was, hazrat Khadijah r.a inherited those skills from her father, at the time when the world was rooted with male dominance and was extremely

“Be Active for a Positive change” IWD 2017

8th of March 2017 marks another year of celebrating women’s day internationally with great joy and fervour. Working Women Welfare Trust , a platform which is busy in helping working women become an asset to their families and society also celebrated IWD with great enthusiasm.   A women conference was held at a local hotel

Leaders in Women Education

Historically, Muslim reformers, such as Syed Ahmad Khan, tried to bring education to women, limit polygamy, and empower women in other ways through education. The founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, was known to have a positive attitude towards women. After the independence of Pakistan, women’s groups and feminist organisations started by prominent leaders, like

Problems of Rural Women

The population in rural areas is Agro based for its livelihood. Women are seen working in fields collecting fodder or fuel. Life is influenced by old traditions and customs, governed by feudal system and regulated by strict beliefs and behavioral patterns. Poor and illiterate majority works as haris on feudal landlords’ lands. These remote areas

Women and Education

Education is important for everyone, but it is a critical area of empowerment for girls and women. This is not only because education is an entry point to opportunity but also because a woman’s educational achievements have positive ripple effects within the family and across generations. Education is much more than reading and writing. It

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