Project Background

Surjani Town is in the neighborhoods of  Gadap Town  in Karachi.  The population mostly belongs
to the lower and lower-middle-class which is estimated at about one million and includes all
types of ethnic groups. Gulshan – e- Bilal is one of the localities where a number of housing
schemes are situated. There is no institution and facility for vocational training and development.
This town is situated far away from the center of the city; the means of transportation is mostly
chinchi rikshwas. In this scenario, HUNAR Vocational Training Centre would Insha ALLAH provide
a good and preferable opportunity for female residents especially in the current law and order
situation. This Centre would be proved a good facility for the development of women resource of
low-income group.

Project Objective

  • Meet demands of the female unskilled population, skilled &professional for career development and creating livelihood opportunities for sustainable development of women resources.
  • Feed economy with qualified and competent female workforce.
  • Empowerment through income-generating opportunities, operating for self-employment, self-reliance, and entrepreneurship.
  • Enable contribution towards productive and prosperous communities supporting the community by human resource mobili
  • Give awareness on social, economic, and health issues.
  • Give education on religious, moral, and ethical values.
  • Provide a secure environment to develop economic skills.


  1. Dress Making
  2. Mehndi Design
  3. Beautician
  4. Art and Craft



She was born deaf and dumb but God blessed her with a lot of other talents. She excels in embroidery skills through WWWT and made her economically strong and independent. She has overcome her handicap with dignity.


She is a widow and belongs to an underprivileged and impoverished locality of Karachi. She got her trainings from WWWT and proved herself in generating money through her needle work. By virtue of it she raised and married off her two daughters respectfully.

I’ve opened my eyes in such an area where extreme poverty, economic crisis, illiteracy is at it’s apex known as Surjani. To change my fate I tried to get admission in HVTC but turned back listening “No more admission”                                                

Everyone has the right to prosper and our motto is “ NO ONE SHOULD BE LEFT BEHIND”. Hunar Vocational Taining Center is providing 1. Beautician 2. Sewing 3. Computer Literacy 4. Art & Craft 5. Learning the holy Quran 6. Mehndi trainings. Matchless socio-economic impact of HVTC has excelled girls mobilzation to get admission. Our limitation keeps them away. To accomodate the maximum we are planning to expand our programs.In this context your generous support is needed utmost.

Administrator HVTC

Activities Pictures

1. Internship Program

Internees from Govt. Vocational Training Institute, North Karachi

2. Health Awareness Program

Health Awareness Session by Ms. Raana Raheem, Fitness Expert

3. Capacity Building Certificate Ceremony
4.Courses Certificate
5. Routine Classes and Personal Grooming
6. Teachers’ Meeting
7. World Environment Day
8. Certificate Distribution
9.Community Development Program
10.Attended 5 Days Training of Trainers(ToT)
1. One Day Workshops
11. Lesson Plan Preparation as per TVET Standard
12.Short Cooking Class
13. Conduction of Exams
14. Nail Art & Hair Style Training Workshop

Our Partner in promoting Women Education and Empowerment

HHRD(Helping Hand for Relief and Develoopment) is a global humanitarian relief and development organization responding to human sufferings in emergency and disaster situations around the world as well as on long term relief and development programs.

Your sincere support, made us able to raise Rs. 5,353,134 in the previous year to take on the challenges ahead and give everyone the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

An amount of Rs. 5,079,425 was consumed in

Launching                            135+      RBA (Right Based Activities)

Facilitating                           501+      Women Enterprenuership

Enabling                               150+      students to take Vocational Trainings

Making aware                     500+      women about their rights and obligations as well

Generating income            350+      women got opportunities to market their products

Organizing                           88+         Career Counselling session

Donate Generously

To ensure “100% admission” support the cause. Yes, You can help a girl to get admission, uplift and change her life for the better. Yes, You will help them to shape their future.