Towards Your Dream Career

Towards Your Dream Career (TYDC) is a program initiated by Working Women Welfare Trust (WWWT) to provide a direction and a holistic approach to individuals for making their ultimate career choice. TYDC aims to guide individuals with their personal development and acquaint them with factors that influence career choice, including individual’s values interests, abilities and personality traits. TYDC provides assistance to young spirits with their counseling sessions to
help them know themselves better and understand the environment in which they exist so that they may outshine in the world of workplace.

Program Initiation

Career Counseling is a lot more than just deciding on which degree you will
pursue in and which industry you might join after graduating. It is process of
helping individuals discover their potentials, latent abilities and interests so that
they may achieve their optimal level of productivity aligned with personal
happiness and social usefulness. Therefore

“Our mission is not only to help you make the decisions you need to make now, but also give you knowledge and guidance you need to make future career and life decisions”

Our Philosophy

We believe that firstly, each individual has the right to shape his own destiny and
future, and secondly, it is the responsibility of mature and experienced members
of the community to ensure that a person’s choice shall serve both his own
interests and those of society as every individual is equally important for the
entire society. It is very essential that during guidance and counseling these two
factors remain complementary to each other rather than conflicting. Therefore it
is our duty to guide children and young people in a manner that does not affect or
compromise the requirements of individuals and the demands of the community.
It is rather our obligation to orient the individual toward those opportunities
that’s acceptable by his environment and can best guarantee the fulfillment of his
personal needs and aspirations. As guidance counselors, we believe in providing
information and approach so that a person is not only able to make best possible
choices in life but also keeping up with those choices.
Why is it important
In today’s challenging world, guidance counselors are much needed to meet the
needs of student in domains of career development, and personal/social
development. Early approach will help them become more competitive and
effective and restrain them from making wrong choices.

How to Make Career Choice

TYDC offers a specialized program designed for young fresh minds that are
looking forward to their higher studies and are confused about their career
choice. This program focuses on making them aware of their abilities and
personal preferences through personality analysis. Furthermore it gives them
insights on what professional options they might have in future with regard to the
choice of subject they will make. This workshop stands out to be the most
effective and a much needed one for young students as the first step towards
making a career choice is choosing the right subjects. Our guidance counselors
provide a holistic academic and career view to help students in selecting the right
subjects keeping in mind their aptitudes and career goals and facilitate their
decision-making process. They also keep in mind the personal challenges and
stresses that the students might be dealing with including family and peer
pressure Overview of this workshop is as follows
1.Personality Test
2.Brainstorming Activity
3.Questionnaire regarding career interests
4.Detailed discussion on insights of different career options
5.Emphasis on how to deal with social and peer pressures


1 Towards your Dream Job

  • CV Making
  • Interview skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Professional Excellence
  • Organizational Etiquettes

2 Towards your Dream Business

  • Basics of Entrepreneurship
  • Marketing & Branding
  • Customer Services and Relationship
  • Self-Management Skills

3 Power of Positive Personality

  • Personality Development
  • Stress Management
  • Effective Communication
  • Self Confidence
  • Personal grooming

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