Life Skills Program

Life Skills Program is an extended comprehensive training program that is designed in a way to focus on the personal and professional development of its trainees. Its vast spectrum ranges from self-management skills to employability skills.

The program is most suitable for those who are entering their practical life. The program guarantees a life-changing experience and offers an opportunity of having a one-to-one connection with our professionals and experts with whom they can share their thoughts, ideas, feelings, and concerns about your career and educational choices and life it. Overview and details of this program are as follows

Career Vision & Goals

An introductory session discussing the importance of goal setting and
having a purposeful career vision in life

What is Success

A session discussing the true meaning of success, specifically where true
success lies and how success and happiness are closely related

Know Yourself

A session regarding understanding yourself to help you make better
choices in life

Decision Making

A session regarding the importance of decision making skills and steps of
decision making process

Planning & Organizing

A session regarding the arrangement of tasks or resources for
performance optimization

Effective Communication

A session regarding the importance of communication for building good
working relationships and also identifying barriers in effective

Self Confidence

A comprehensive view on the importance of Self Confidence and
techniques on how to build sustainable confidence

Emotional Intelligence

A session regarding the importance of emotional intelligence and how to
use the skill for increasing individual capacity

Digital Literacy

A session regarding the importance of digital literacy skill in present time
and techniques of how to improve it

Dealing With Conflict

A session discussing how to limit the negative aspect of conflict while
increasing the positive aspect and improve group outcomes

Creative Thinking

A session discussing the importance of creative thinking in life and how one may develop it as a habit

What is Personality

A session discussing the importance of effective personality and how one
can develop it over the time

Stress Management

A session discussing the factors that lead to stress in life and strategies of
how to cope up with it

Work Life Balance

A session discussing the balance that individuals need between time
allocated for work and other aspects of life and how to manage it

Time Management

A session discussing the importance of time management and techniques
of how to control time spent on specific activities

Power of Positive Thinking

A motivational session discussing how to have a realistic positive
approach in life

Team Work

A session regarding the dynamics of team work and team cohesiveness
and factors that influence team behavior

Workplace Harassment

A session regarding the issues of workplace harassment and how to deal with them legally and professionally

Organizational Ethics

A detailed discussion on how one should behave in an organizational
setup keeping integrity and morality in mind

Professional Commitment and Excellence

A session emphasizing on professionalism, professional ethics, job
mindset and how one can take their career towards excellence

Entering the Job Market

A comprehensive session on how to prepare yourself for the challenges in
the job market and make yourself the best candidate for the job

Internship Goal

A session regarding the importance of internship and how one should
plan for working as an intern to maximize learning


In House Trainers

Humaira Qureshi
Lead Trainer
Humaira Qureshi is a Lead Trainer at WWWT, Senior Journalist, Special Reporter and Ex Editor in Urdu Magazine. She is also appointed as a Resource Person at International Islamic University DAWA Centre and is also Cooperative Lecturer at Allama Iqbal Open University. She has conducted number of seminars and sessions on women, social, legal and economic issues nationwide. She posses eight years of experience with WWWT on Projects Management and Development of working relationships with community owners and contributors
Qurat-ul-ain Yousuf
Quratulain Yousuf is Masters in Applied Physics and also a Gold Medalist from the University of Karachi. She is currently enrolled in Karachi University, M. Phil. Program in Space Sciences. She has previously worked at Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) as an Associate Electronics Engineer for 6 Years. During this time she mastered all the research and technical aspects of the field as well as also acquired Documentation and Report Writing skills. Along with that she has also worked as a full time Lecturer at the University of Karachi for about 2 years. Currently she is associated with WWWT and is engaged in organizing workshops on career counseling and life skills development
Maria Talha
Lead Trainer
Maria Talha is Lead Trainer at WWWT. She has been organizing and conducting career guidance workshops and counselling sessions for female high school students, and has also been conducting motivational workshops for Working Women on subjects related to leadership, personality and skill development. She has been a part of the development of Working Women Welfare Trust’s task group on “Problems of Working Women in Pakistan and their Solutions”. She is currently engaged in conducting special sessions for youth to guide them about career planning, daily living, communication skills, social responsibilities, work life balance and a number of other related topics.
Shahtaj Farooqi
Shahtaj Farooqi is a certified Soft Skill Trainer, Motivational speaker, and Public Speaker. She completed her Masters in Business Administration and is an optimistic, enthusiastic and progressive personality who believes that the future of Pakistan lies in the hands of today’s youth.

Outsourced Trainers

Rumaisa Zahidi
Rumaisa Zahidi is a motivational speaker and influential counselor working in the fields of Training, Research and Development for the past two decades. She is teaching at University of Karachi and Enrolled in M.S Leading to Ph.D Program. She has several publications as a poet and writer.
Dr. Mehvish Ahmed
She is MBBS from Baqai Medical University. She is practicing Resident Psychiatry in Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and has been associated with Working Women Welfare Trust as mental health counselor for three years
Tania Waqas
Tania Waqas is a Clinical Psychologist, NLP Practitioner, live Counselor with 22 years of Experience. Her Areas of Expertise include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) , Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT),NLP practitioner, hypnotist, anxiety ,Depression , personality disorders and relationship conflicts. Also teaching at Ziauddin College of Language Speech and Hearing Sciences. She is now associated with Relive from its inception.
Sheher Bano
Sheher Bano is an Anthropologist, researcher, trainer and a journalist. Ms Sheher Bano conducted a lot of research on various issues. Her career in journalism spans over 25 years and is currently working as Supplements Editor, The News. She has received many awards and medals for her researched articles on environment, health, education, women, entertainment and socio-cultural issues. `She has been on the list of various UN organizations in Pakistan and has contributed research reports on various issues. Her first ever research on Pak-India relations-A new paradigm, on the long-standing issues between the two arch rivals, gained much popularity. As a trainer, she also trains media people across Pakistan

Target Audience

The Existing Target Audience for the Project is as Follows:

VTIW Bufferzone

Vocational Training Institute for Women (VTI W) is providing pre-employment skills to women aged from 18 to 35 years having minimum qualification of matriculation. VTIW is working under the Directorate of Vocational Training, Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority (STEVTA).

Usman Public School

Usman Public School System was established in 1989. At present it has several campuses and more than 10,00 students. Usman Public School System is an establishment where great emphasis is given to Islamic moral values and basic ethics without compromising on high academic standards. Their objective is to bring forth confident individuals equipped with the necessary concept, values and skills to meet the challenge of the new millennium.


Government College of Technology for Girls is situated in Karachi with the objective to provide professional education to their students. It was established in 1991 with the purpose of providing determined and skill oriented education to the women of Pakistan. It started rising rapidly and became innovator in starting DAE (Computer Technology) for girls in 1992. About five hundred students are studying in six departments. The aim of the Institute is to provide mid-level expert education in specific fields to women and to donate to the financial output of women by communicating suitable short and long term courses and to provide boulevards for research with advanced approaches in technical education
Interns at WWWT
Interns coming at WWWT Office are from various institutes of Karachi, also from
the above mentioned

Plans for the Upcoming Year

We extend our outreach to

Higher Secondary Schools

Government Colleges

Government Technical Education Centers

Vocational Training Institutes