Capacity Building

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We are dedicated to empowering female youth by equipping them with value-based knowledge, technical expertise, career guidance, soft skills, and support for both their professional and personal well-being. Our holistic approach aims to foster competence and character development, ensuring that they are well-prepared to succeed in all aspects of their lives.

Our Work Areas

Advancing to Career Excellence (ACE)
Empower working Women to thrive and excel in their careers while maintaining a healthy work-life. Coaching and mentoring programs are designed to assist youth and graduates as they navigate the transition from education to employment.
Towards Your Dream Career (TYDC)

         Provide young souls with a direction and a holistic approach to making their ultimate career choice. 

Revive, Renew, Rekindle (RRR)

        Life skills training provides individuals with the tools and techniques they need to navigate the complexities of modern life, interact with others effectively, and achieve their personal and professional goals.  

Intern Development Program (IDP)

Cater several interns every year coming from different educational institutes before entering the job market.   

We believe that:  “Each individual has the right to shape his/her own destiny”

Purpose - Productivity - Progress

She Leads

Who we are?

Capacity Building is a project initiated by WWWT to guide individuals with their personal and professional development, as well as acquaint them with factors that influence career choice. Our in-house and outsourced trainers impart value-based knowledge, technical skills and training. They also provide awareness along with counselling and guidance to working women of today and tomorrow, developing competence, character and resilience through economic empowerment.

What we do?

We are working in diverse areas with the intention to reach every spirit, since every individual is equally important for the entire family and society.

Personal and professional grooming along with career guidance and counseling are much needed to meet the needs of students. Our professional trainers put their best efforts into giving future working women, the latest information and expert analysis.

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