Rural Women
Issues related to working women
in rural areas
  • Poverty
  • Illiteracy
  • Mobility problems
  • Exploitation by middlemen
  • Unfamiliarity with Modern Trends
  • Lack of Proper Exhibition/display & access to the marketing of their Work
  • Lack of access to skills/ technical training facilities
  • Lack of any legal support
Corporate Women
Problems of Corporate
Working Women
  • Shift Work/Overtime
  • Inflexible working hours
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Unfavorable physical working environment
  • Unjust working conditions/privacy/safety & security issues
  • Harassment/gender discrimination/exploitation/nepotism
  • Transport problems
  • Stressors at the workplace & home lead to health problems
  • An insufficient legal support system to solve work-related problems concerning female workers
Women Entrepreneurs
Challenges faced by start-ups
& small business women
  • Issues of funds
  • Lack of Awareness and Guidance
  • Unavailability of Training and Counselling
  • Lack of recourses
  • Lack of expertise
  • Lack of marketing opportunities

Under the head of Advocacy, the Working Women Welfare Trust has set up a task group comprising experts and working women from different fields to discuss the problems of working women and their solutions.

Humaira Qureshi

Project Head


Always deliver more than expected.

Under the current local and global conditions the economic pressures are increasing and women are compelled to come out from their homes to play active role in the income generating activities for their families. The areas of women professionals is increasing and demanding more and more participation from them. This phenomenon has exposed women to new hazards. At one hand their social and intellectual level has changed and on the other hand their problems such as health, stress, security, time management and skills development has become manifold. The current project is aimed at to hold different advocacy sessions with media, legislators and administrators. Key officials and NGOs’ workers to identify and propagate for legislation on different issues facing by working women in Pakistan.

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Years of Work

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Key issues highlighted

During our struggle for more than a decade

What we have achieved so far?

Highlighted and lobbied the key issues including:

Job impact on the mental and physical health of working women
Provision of on-site Day Care centers for working mothers
Flexible working hours
Provision of safe and convenient transport for working women
Problems of female sales and marketing staff

  1. To sensitize key officials and media about the challenges faced by working women.

2. To empower the working women by providing them with a plate form of collaborated efforts.

3. Thought sharing & compiling recommendations for the real & broad spectrum of development.

4. To explain the importance of the Paradigm of development & its needs.

5. To lobby and emphasize legislation about problems of female workers and professionals.

6. To proceed, the real and strategic changes in the system for the welfare of the female workforce in ruler & urban areas.

Activities Highlights

at a glance

Struggles of Working Women

Laws to Facilitate Women Friendly Environment and their Implementation

Implementation Challenges

of the Existing Laws for the Female Workforce

Financial Concerns

While raising women related issues

Women's Leadership

and Political Participation

Working Conditions

of Journalists in Sindh

Need of the Time

Work from Home and Flexible Working Hours

Join Hands

for a brighter future...

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Task Group members

Here is a list of honorable members of trust's task group


Valuable Recommendations of each Advocacy session. seminar and Discussion Forum may be found here.

Monthly Budget

The monthly budget of Advocacy sessions is Rs. 35000 per month. The program focuses on addressing key problems faced by working women every day and comes up with possible solutions.