Intern Development Program (IDP)

At WWWT we proudly cater a number of interns every quarter coming from
different educational institutes. TYDC plays a role in comprehensive training of
interns to ensure that they are completely confident in pursuing their profession
and have sound knowledge and skills required for entering the job
market. Further, we also conduct a considerable performance evaluation for
every intern which is accompanied by close monitoring of every intern to ensure
progress at every level. During the year we accommodated around 53 interns.

Internship is offered at head office in the following fields:

Career Vision and Goals

The discussed what is goal setting, how should one plan their career path and
how they should be visionary about their aims and objectives in life. The session
was a combination of individual and group activities. The idea was to help them
identify what are their actual goals in professional life and how shall they plan to
achieve them.

Effective Personality

The main focus of this session was to work on personality development. The
session was open to group discussion where interns participated actively.
Different aspects of personality were discussed and also the habits that may help
in building an effective personality

Basics of Entrepreneurship

The session was specifically designed for interns who were looking forward to
starting their own business in near future. The session discussed the basics of
starting a new venture, what are they hurdles, what are they common mistakes people make and how to overcome them. The session also focused on importance
of marketing and analysis of consumer behavior.

Art of Communication

The session discussed the technicalities of Verbal, Non Verbal and Business Communication. The session also emphasized on the tips for effective communication and its importance in today’s world.

Know Your Self

This session was regarding an in depth analysis of a person’s own self, his
strengths, weaknesses, interests and values. The session consisted of personality
tests to better indentify their personality type.

Total number of beneficiaries during the year were approximately 1,023 the breakup of which is listed below:

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