Chairperson's Message

WWWT’S concerted efforts are directed towards enhancement in the quality of life and well being of women working in diverse capacities across the board. We deliver skills, knowledge as well as services, furnishing diverse programs to address social, economic, technical issues and challenges that affect our working ladies and therefore impact family and social dynamics.

The trust aims to facilitate working women to win moral goodness, dignity, respect, honor, safety, security, progress prosperity and empowerment. We believe in empowerment with knowledge; that instills ethical and positive family values. Our vision, mission and value statements provide a strong foundation that guides our daily actions and decisions. Flowing from these core beliefs is our commitment to develop competence and character in working ladies for better and sustainable results in terms of quality and excellence. Excellence in all that we do and give our employees the resources to excel.

Our strength is our dedicated and committed dynamics ladies forming WWWT team some of them are volunteers, each one is blessed with skill sets and expertise that allows them to serve and make a difference in the lives of working women.

Our weaknesses in achieving our objectives and goals are inadequate funding, rising cost of living, ever changing marketing trends, newer technical skills and overall law and order situation.

Looking ahead In sha Allah we shall be able to overcome our weaknesses and make best use of our strengths to pursue our welfare plans effectively. We are grateful to donor friends providing financial resources for our ongoing projects and plans. We are all accountable to Almighty Allah for all our deeds, hope to continue our struggle within boundaries of Islam and keep a vision beyond limit for sky is the limit.

Sincerely Yours

Abida Farheen


Working Women Welfare Trust