Our Philosophy


WWWT envisages the accomplished, self-reliant prosperous working women, who would stand out as an asset to their families and society


Taking appropriate measures, we are striving to equip working value-based knowledge, technical skills, and awareness about their legal, economic, and social rights and responsibilities developing competence and character.

WWWT also aims to acquire an honorable, secure, and congenial working environment for women as well as promote and propose policies and strategies to ease competing pressures of work and family life, enabling working women to manage both fronts, ultimately benefiting society as a whole.


  • To impart value-based knowledge, technical skills, trainings, counselling and guidance to working women in order to develop competence and character.
  • To give awareness about their rights and obligations.
  • To strive for the attainment of secure and conducive working environment & better work conditions through advocacy.
  • To sensitize key officials, civil society & media by identifying problems & challenges faced by female workers, and to address these issues with effective enactments/ legislation.
  • To initiate proposals aimed at the enhancement of their professional status as well as ease their workload.
  • To undertake projects providing income generating opportunities to poor women at their doorsteps in rural areas and Katchi Abadis to help alleviate poverty and save them from middlemen exploitation & beggary