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Success Stories


Hafeez from Goharabad

She is a widow and belongs to an underprivileged and impoverished locality Goharabad in Karachi. She is WWWT’s worker for the last ten years. The income she receives for her needle work has enabled her to raise her two daughters, meet all her expenses and now has married off  her daughters respectfully.

Irshad from Jamra

She  is a courageous lady who has been working for WWWT projects for  the past several years. She appreciates WWWT’S  efforts which has provided her with a comfortable source of income through her needle work skill. Working from her home this extra source of income enabled her to educate her children. Her husband(a teacher) also managed to upgrade his qualifications and now he is a professor and her eldest son could receive higher education and who is now working as a CSP officer in the Foreign Service department.



Fouzia from Shikarpur

She was born deaf and dumb but God blessed her with a lot of other talents. She excels in embroidery skills and creates beautiful pieces of work. She has been associated with WWWT projects which have made her economically strong and independent and has overcome her handicap with dignity.


Shamim from Orangi

She is also a beneficiary of WWWT initiatives for the last seven years. She is married and meets all her personal needs from this source of income, which her excellent needle work skill has provided. She also looks after her aged  and sick mother and is supporting her unemployed brother as well.


Salma from Larkana

She is unmarried because family could not find a match for her. She could not also go out to work. Extreme poverty compelled her to join WWWT projects. The earning she receives for her embroidery and needle work has enabled her to independently meet her economic needs as well as save some amount for the future.